Mason Brown - Videographer

Working at WNIT

I love working in television. Ever since the beginning when I was just a lonely intern I did everything I could to learn I even came in late to learn graphics. After a half a year of interning I became a volunteer (which means I am not getting school credit just there because I want to help). Once I was there for a year I became a freelancer and got paid for my time there. I soon became a very important person at the station. During this time I was trained to fill any role at the station from graphics, teleprompter, camera, and even direct. I am currently a part time employee who runs master control, runs graphics for almost every local production, and I am beginning to direct more local shows. I will never not love my job.

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I am an artist who loves to create. Whether it is photography to film making art is fun. I also know a variety of programs. To learn more about me, click the button below to see all my projects.

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